CMF (Certified Music Family) knows just what they are up against. They are not afraid to stunt on a track or two while repping their hood, expressing lyrics that share those urban values that impoverished youth can relate to. It's Ova 4 Em the mixtape is gaining way sounding off that New Orleans noise with fly lyrics and bumping beats. Killa Kay Kash Santana who has the longest rap name we have ever heard, released some pictures that we had to check out on the low before we showed you. Check out Kash Santana all tatted up.

All tatted up and inked out. This dude Kash Santana is branded Certified Music Family.  Looks like the tattoo contains a pair of wings and of course the letter B is obvious.  Killa Kay is really light skinned but in this photo he looks to be caramel brown.  Whatever, we think he is very comfortable with himself.  Killa Kay is putting his chest out to these rappers who been in the game serving us up that street life.  Now, we have some of that underground New Orleans to go crazy over.  We are feeling his lyrics over here at Abornewords.  As you listen, you will be feeling these rappers too. Datpiff has the mixtape.  It's Ova 4 Em will win you over and inspire you.  The collaborations really add to the diversity of each track.  Go Killa Kay Kash Santana!  We are not mad at you whatever your mission, we will be there watching you very closely on the verge of a news stalk.  Keep serving up that New Orleans. We will be listening as we play that mixtape, until we learn all the lyrics.