There have been many songs created in the Big Easy by talented artist who could have really made major headway on a national level, but because of the unique culture and in part lack of effort on the part of many local artist, the amount of success received was only leveled throughout New Orleans and the state of Louisiana. Artist like Jubilee and TT Tucker are some local artist who worked the Independent to the maximum. Block Party DJ's know how to get it cracking for the hood. Radio stations like WYLD 98.5 and Q-93 also see to it that the cities local talent does not go unheard. Additionally, the local clubs help artist to stay in touch with fans by play club bangers created by the locals. 

The playing field is changing for new artist entering today's New Music Industry which is a part of a contemporary time with the Internet and social media like Twitter and Facebook being influential in marketing and promotion. There are more opportunities for artist like Killa Kay Kash Santana to really create a greater presence on a national level and build a larger fan base. Here is Killa Kay Kash hanging out in Cali with his boys.

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Killa Kay Kash Santana (Center)

Killa Kay Kash Santana is making sure his fans hear him loud and clear on songs like Cry Nomore (ft. "Gunna") "Gunna" is another up and coming New Orleans Rapper who helped Killa Kay bring about nine of his songs to the finish line. Cry Nomore is a song that really has the same type of appeal as Jay-Z's Song Cry. Fans are going to keep pressing rewind on that catchy radio hit. Fans will not be able to resist hitting the rewind button on this Killa Kay and "Gunna's" Cry Nomore a catchy radio hit. There is a lot of love and emotion in that song for the ladies. Females are going to gravitate toward it because of a personal need to relate and understand how love and touchy subjects mix to create a bond.. Male Hip-Hop Heads will like it because of the rapper's ability to keep it grimy and ever so street.  Fans will feel closer to these rappers for showing love and sensitivity.  DatPiff has Killa Kay's It's Ova 4Em Mixtape available. Click Here to hear Cry Nomore ft. "Gunna" and other beat bumping tunes from these New Orleans Rappers.