There were no horns, bells, whistles, or confetti involved in my forty party. There was a lot of growth, appreciation, cake, and a great photo shoots compliments of Abornewords. RCPhillips was behind the camera. I took the pictures to mark the occasion, as it is a milestone. If you've been with us all along for this amazing ride we've been on since we first lauched Abornewords, you know how far we have come. With start ups and start overs, we've been here bringing you all the things we believe will make your life better, or at least a little more entertaining. We all have to remember to laugh more. Life is strange. Sometimes in an instant you catch on to things right away or you may just coast through until you pick up enough knowledge to get it right, but when growth happens you know it. All of the start overs then become lessons learned.

To all of you new ones, if you have not realized it by no, I am an internet personality! My passion rest writing, and I take my responsibility to deliver very seriously. Even though it was my birthday on yesterday, I was still thinking about how I would structure my next few post. Enough of the mushy thoughts of birthdays and writing, Let's get to the pictures and then we will do what we do best over here, tell you about a couple of products that we think you should try.

Lots of pictures right? Well, I did just celebrate my 40th, so please forgive me for making it all about me and not this Duncan Hines Cake Mix and the Amazing Glazes Icing. Those two products are worth your buck. I'm accustomed to bakery bought goods, but y'all know how we do in my household. It's nothing super fancy all the time, we do it up simple and the sentiment is still the same. The Apple Caramel Cake Mix by Duncan Hines along with the Cream Cheese Amazing Glaze helped me to create a finger licking good Birthday Cake. I enjoyed it very much. When I get down on my knees, I'll pray that you all are here with me for a many more.  Thanks for all the well wishes.