Talk about taking work seriously! Well may of the real workaholics are so dedicated that home ends up being where a second work shift starts. Remember when I shared information about Fiats new plan to create a new model Fiat 500 called Fiat 500L? Well, I never identified the gentleman wearing the blue blazer in the photo. Standing there repping Fiat, posted up against the trunk of the car is none other than Lapo Elkann. He's the guy with ties to the brand who is taking an active role in rebuilding Fiat's reputation in the United States. He knows a thing or two about living a high class lifestyle. Recently, he partnered with a furniture designer to help create something special that will make Gucci lovers want to take their favorite brand home even more. Take a look at what I mean.

It's the customized Gucci Furniture that was shown at a Furniture Fair in Milan, Italy. The designer used original parts from an earlier 1970 model to create branded Gucci furniture. The result is some of the pieces shown above. The "Pic Nic" table is made with a crystal clear glass and crystal legs. It has two front ends of a Fiat glued together with wheels attached, making the tale appearance look like a mobile work of art. Now that is what taking work home seems to mean for Lapo Elkann.

Using furniture as a concept to further push Fiat as the cool car here in America certainly goes along with positioning Fiat as a lifestyle automobile. The Gucci Fiat collaboration is a genius plan gaining major head way because it screams America. What could present Italy's style and flavor better than a well know brand? Money, money, money! Stunting with branded furniture is the next step of materialistic cool. The American Dream just got bigger for a lot of us. Can I see myself owning Gucci Furnitrue? Anything is possible. Red, white, and green is the classic Gucci look that's taking on new meaning like red, white, and blue. gucci is beocmeing more American everyday. Now that's stuntin'! Lapo Elkann is being called Italy's Playboy. Check out the photo the paparazzi snapped of Lapo Elkann at the Cannes Film Festival. Look below.

Lapo Elkann - 'Upon a Time in America' Viewing in Cannes

Photo Credit: Bauer Griffin