The Pepsi Refresh Project, the Visa ad featuring the voice of Morgan Freeman, the Gatorade Commercial that uses the words made famous by Muhammad Ali, yes, we are referring to "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee". All of these creatie advertisments included a touch of Lee Clow. He is part of the creative team responsible for bringing us the finished products that we enjoy watching, in between our favorite shows. One ad, in particular, is very inspirational and can be used as a teaching tool to encourage our young children. Click the star and take a look at the Gatorade Woods of Wisdom Commercial that Clow put his magic touch on   

Sometimes, no matter how much we talk to our kids, we can't fully relay the message. However, showing them a positive message like this Woods of Wisdom Commercial will help encourage them to open up, talk, and find meaning in the things we try to teach them. Then, the wisdom passes down through generations to our grandchildren and so on. We want to introduce you to one of the men behind the scenes responsible for bringing commercials like Woods of Wisdom to television screens. Here he is suited up in black and white below! Also check out a couple of the images from the commercial.


Lee Clow has often said "everything a brand does is an ad. Clow believes that "the behavior of a brand in total" what consumers pay attention to and ultimately want to spend time with and money on. We respect his work so much and will be keeping up with the moves he makes in the industry going forward. Clow is one of the best, and we are looking forward to learning form his experience and expertise so that we can continue to share our own creative ideas. In the meantime check out some of these other projects that have been touched by Lee Clow.

G2Float     Go World

The ads of yesterday create the ideas of today. Lee Clow gives us a few to grow on.  What do you care about and how will you use it to make a difference?