LEGO in Green 2x4s

Exploring ideas about how girls and boys enjoy playtime, similarities in style, and Lego as an alternativbe to Disney certainly puts the spotlight on recreation and quality time with family. A lot holds true in the ring of boy meets girl for playtime. Most boys certainly like cars, trucks, and action figures. That's why it doesn't surprise me that boys also enjoy building things with Lego's plastic toy bricks. Girls are not excluded from the boys circle of everything in motion hero or sturcture either. Including a few things that will doll up the toy scene can peak the interest of your sugar and spice, Penny Proud, Shirley Temple little girl.

The debate of Legos move to (resurrect girl power) and get girls involved in Lego fun has brought the focus away from the playground and into the boardroom. Executive minds are trying to figure out the know how of Legos next move and the likelihood of success that the new Lego Friends will have in the toy market. Gerrick Johnson believes that Lego is "the hottest toy company in the boy segment.." He's an equity analyst who souns like he could be the creative clone of the CEO of Lego Group, Jorgen Knudstorp. He is not only responsible for Legos new financial stability. This fun loving father of girls and boys also brings to the table an expertise of observation that comes from his ability to evaluate how his own children interact during playtime. Here is a photo of Legos man in the big chair, Jorgen Knudstorp

Jorgen Knudstorp and Mitch Resnick

Knudstorp (left) has said that all of his kids have a love for building and I could believe that easily because I remember how much fun building can be. Building is not only fun when there are Lego blocks around. Who can ever forget those back in the day wooden alphabet blocks. Today those will fall in the vintage catagory for toys. Maybe they even explain why kids love Lego building blocks so much. The fun of Legos or wooden alphabet blocks becomes the better half when you think about the castles that are built with ordinary playing cards. These are also so much fun to create. However, the thin layers of cards leave so much room for collapeing. After the investment of time and careful placement of all of your card suites (as they go crashing down) your time still does not seem to be wasted. The satisfaction of seeing the construction of something you built with your own hands makes it all seem worth it. Card Castles never seem to get old, and Lego toy bricks will probably be popular among kids for generations to come.

The field research that Knudstorp relauched involved shadowing girls. Imagine the affect of those little miss prissy's on the curious individuals who participated in the shadowing process. Families were also interviewed for months at a time. How's that for research and behavoiral data? Turning up the appeal for girls didn't include costly creations that required new elements of creative resources. The molds that were used to create Lego Friends for Girls came from the 7000 choices already being used to create Lego toys. The extensive research proved that boys and girls think differently about play and appreciate it for different reasons. For example, some boys believed "that a castle without a dragon is worse than" having no castle at all. According to some key components of the research, boys were more into mastery of skill while girls were more concerned about beauty, friendlier colors, and attention to detail.

Lego Friends came together after making it past all the controversial complication involving its development. Let's just say that the value of additional handbags for the girl toys became as important as a womans love for shoes. A total of "29 mini doll figures will be intorducted in 2012" alone.

Without the number crunching , Lego seems to have all the tools to succeed in peaking the interest of girls. It's not because of the naturally competitive spirit that girls have to keep up with boys. It's more because of the concept of the womens lib of the past and the new modern woman that is the mother of todays girl. Women are not taking a back seat to their male collegues. Mothers, daugthers, aunties, and sisters will choose to purchase Lego Friends for the girls they love in order to encourage their imagination and creativity.  Lastly, the new LegoLand in Florida will only help to popularize the Lego Brand and create an alternative venue for family vacations.  

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek