The thrill of visiting theme parks is something that will never get old. All the activity going on in one place probably is the reason why a trip to Legoland seems like a new adventure every time. Theme Parks are always introducing the next big attraction too. Usually, it's some fun game, live performance , or some amazing ride that has Theme Park visitors bubbling with enthusiasm and standing in long lines, sipping cold drinks, waiting for their turn. The names of the rides and attractions can also hype up the crowd and contribute to it's popularity. A few wacky names of some of the Junior Roller Coasters and other fun rides at LegoLand are: Dragon's Apprentice, The Dragon Coaster, and Space Tower. Sounds pretty exciting right? Maybe for you, but for some children hearing those names is more than enough to cause feelings of apprehension.

Here's the point, name like that may only add to the fear your child may be already experiencing while visiting a Theme Park. For that reason, LegoLand of Florida (the newest theme park in Florida)is trying to help educate parents on ways to alleviate the gitters often associated with roller coaster. Check out these pictures of a few of the attractions at LegoLand and then you can read all about how LegoLands new Roller Coaster Rediness tips can help you to put your chiild's fears about riding Roller Coasters to rest.


Theme Park Think Tanks enlisted the help of a psychologist dr. Susan Bartell for added expertise and know how, to properly prepare parents to respond correctly when phobias surface. Junior Roller Coasters are said to be just the right rides to use for introducing your child to thrill rides. These coasters sound like a milder version of much larger Roller Coasters and the perfect gateway rides for youngster to start on. New mother, Nia Bartholomew understands how fears can affect a child's response to forms of play. She recently organized her son Nick's first birthday party and decided to include a spacewalk during the celebration as part of the entertainment. Here is a picture of Nia & Nick inside of the huge Space Walk.

As you can see sometimes all it takes to alleviate fears is for a parent to be there to ease the child's anxiety. Nia was visible and in plain sight, holding her little Nick's hand as he got use to the idea the idea of being off level ground. Being there can help to encourage your child to approach fears calmly. Susan Bartell warns parents not to make common mistakes when trying to introduce new ways to have fun and be entertained. Being a little sensitive to spinning Roller Coaters is not un common.

According to Bartell, dismissiong fears is the wrong think to do. She admonishes partents not to use comparisons, name calling, or bribery to get children to like thrill rides. Bartell warns parents to be able to recognize the difference between a child who just needs encouragement and one who is absolutely not ready to make an attempt. One of the major Roller Coaster Readiness Tips that will probably help the most is: "Take it Slow". Allowing your child to pick which attractions you visit will get them involved and also tell you a lot about what rides are the best choices for their comfort level. For more Roller Coaster Readines tips click the star