There is something about leopard print that brings you a little closer to nature. Not such a bad thing when life tends to get a little tricky as you take those twist and turns toward your destiny. Our favorite products often provide a path of escape that leads us to an indulgence offering some comfort. Leopard print is one way of escape for me. It's like a fire of warmth (mimicking big cats of the jungle) that reminds me of my security. Here is a picture of my everyday carry along.

I love to keep a few essentials for my eyes, lips, and face with me. That's what made this a perfect option to soothe my leopard print obsession. I use it as a make up bag, but it can also be used to carry around any of your compact items. During busy days and nights, it's nice to have a few of those must haves close by. Maintaining a clean, fresh look makes me feel renewed, so I try to be sure not to leave home without this bag. Leopard Print is a very playful pattern, and it makes me feel frisky and alive. Granted, it is certainly not for everyone, but it works for my personality. The fashionable pattern is one my favorites because of the way it makes me feel. When choosing products, I always try to make sure I'm satisfying a need that helps me stay in touch with good energy and high emotion. Below is a little something for the purrrrrrrrrrr in you!

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