Dry skin can be itchy and it hurts once the skin cracks. During summer months my skin craves just as much moisturization as it does during winter months. It's very difficult for me to find a lotion or moisturizer that my skin will not overly absorb. When this happens, my skin is only moisturized temporarily and then it becomes thirsty again. Recently I expressed how much I like what Amalactin does for my skin. Today I'm all into a new product I discovered called Love Blossoms. It's a Cherry Almond Moisturizing Butter.  I received mine on yesterday and my skin seems to be in love with it.  

The brand creator Deon Davis was working in Nursing when she started creating her products. Many of her colleagues and friends would often walk up to the Nurses Station to use the products she created. Love Blossoms was born. She jokes using terms of endearment when she speaks of her clients calling them love bugs and love butterflies. You can read more about Deon Davis and her creative journey here

The Love Blossoms Creator posted the powerful Self Made Image on Instagram seemingly with lots of admiration for Madame CJ Walkers accomplishments.  Being the first Black/African American millionaire Beauty Mogul is a lot to live up too. Still, with products like the Cherry Almond Moisturizing Butter, I believe Deon Davis is on her way to achieve greater things. You can read more about the Netflix Special Self Made on Black Enterprise.