There is no turning away from the fact, we love to hear abut good scandals. Truly it's not such a bad thing unless it involves our favorite people. Things can get real serious, at that point. Gossip fuels the start of what has become the hot topic, to a point that peaks our curiosity even more. Then, we wonder where the truth begins and where the lies will end. In the case of Love & Hip-Hop, the popularity is building, among the controversy, for all the cast members because reality television is as real as it gets. We get to peep into the personal lives of people who don't mind putting it all out there. Wow, how brave and audacious! Anticipating what will happen next is so exciting even when the result may be something that will make you cringe while uttering an Oh no of surprise. News of a possibe tribute song is the gossip of the day. We have uncovered a beat that is making it seem more likely that a song will truly follow very shortly. Preview the beat above and see if you are feeling the sound.

The beat sound like something special serving to build the anticipation for what is to come in vocals. Celebrating women and men who hold it down in spite of the drama is the type of song that is true to what real love is about. Listening to instrumentals can really be inspirational for creative types. We can't wait to hear the Tribute Song, if it is ever released. Let's keep our fingers and toes crossed y'all.  We just hope that the song can show the type of love that celebrates couple who make it past all of the drama involved in living the life.