Okay, it is looking like a song will be hitting the internet real soon. We allowed you to get in on the beat that we thought would be used for the tribute song for the Love & Hip-Hop Show as a female anthem and also a couples song. Now, we have even more. It's an extra special song teaser. A taste of what's to come in a song full of so much diversity. Huh! Listening to this teaser makes you wonder about the hook and the rest of the song. The track is said to be entitled Late Night Life. Check it out above.


The lyrics sound like they are full of as much drama as the show. Check out the transcript below.

What you talkin, what you talkin ma, betta hold up, I'm the Queen, I'm the Queen Chic got it sewed up, you a studio, a studio itch, hold up, I'm the main chic, main chic, you just ova, got that money, money home, all that behind me, you got the contract, contract wanna sign me, been holding it down, holding it down, music that's my vocal sound, get my work done, work done, in the day time, for me to really love you

We hope that the finished song stays in line with this sound because it really seems like it's coming together nicely. Details on when the song will be finished have not been released, but we suspect to hear something more definite in the next few days. Let's still keep our fingers and toes crossed for what's to come. Peace.