For those of you who have experienced the pitfall of weight gain after losing those extra pounds will understand why making lifestyle changes regarding food choices is key to keeping those extra pounds off. We have found a product that works as a perfect exchange for candy bar lovers and it's high in protein. Take a look at a product that will make you put down the regular Snicker Bar.

You are seeing right! It's the Marathon Snickers Bar. One of the things that helped me to lose some of the extra weight I was carrying around is making those little adjustments to reduce caloric intake. These bars taste great and can match any candy bar in the flavor department. It taste just like a granola bar covered in chocolate. The consistency is textured so that you feel fuller after eating it and very satisfied. Some women will swear off candy bars saying "I will never eat another one" and that seems to be a little to much for those of us who just want to be fit or maintain our waistline, without resorting to the extreme.

The benefits of eating these bars is even greater, if your exercise routine includes working with pilates bands and light weights.  Exercising even at minimal levels can produce great results, but extra protein in your diet is a must. The Marathon Snickers Bar is a healthy option that will not stimulate hunger despite the inclusion of chocolate over the top. Try it; you'll be glad you did. Taste what 140 calories of goodness really taste like.