Marshall's and TJ Maxx carry a variety of designers clothes, handbags, and other household merchandise at prices that fall below suggested retail prices. In my city, it was always about Marshalls. Marshall's is the go to spot to get brand name clothes. Both retailers will be rolling out tons of new colorful combinations, so get ready to coordinate your summer gear according to your own color code. Look how I'm doing it in color!

Some creative ways to get fitted up and trendy are:

  • Pastels : Soft colors like mint green and light blue, or even a neutral color like beige
  • Whites: Adding a pair of crisp white sneakers can take your casual look to the next level 
  • Prints: Florals are what many celebs are wearing lately.  Flowers are the happy printed patterns for dresses and shirts this season 
  • Color Blocking: "Color hues in complimentary shades" Ex. Pairing pink with red or emerald green with cobalt blue (blossom into the spotlight) (balance your summer looks with white)

For outfit ideas and tips to get you going with your summer looks, click the star