Mary J. Blige Singer Mary J. Blige arrives at the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 15, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California.

Photo Credit: Frazier Harrison

Life goes on everyday and the time just keeps right on pushing. We are exposed to so many great things and then there are the difficulties that arise. The challenges we face everyday during our encounters with others can have a major impact on our lives.

Mary J. Blige is someone who knows from personal experiences how the rifts and rafts of life can overtake you. Blige has openly discussed how she overcame substance abuse, kept her career going, sought out mentors, and ultimately got her life back. When Mary J. Blige dropped Family Affair (commonly called Hateration by fans) she probably anticipated great things but really had no idea that she would be creating a new word that would proliferate throughout communities across the United States. Besides being a popular club record, everyone started using the term when engaging in dialogue. That song has appeal because it is really about shunning adversaries while kind of reaching out to say, (hey) lets just have a good time.

Needless to say, when things go wrong or the haters start to show their envious little heads, there is a way to give yourself a gentle push back in the right direction so that you will not lose sight of those feel good moments. Music can help to keep you on a positive track, if you play the right tune. No need to worry about record collections, boom boxes, iPods, or MP3's to get a listen. Pandora's Internet Radio is a popular resource offering all genres of music. It features a vast amount of music from some of the industry's biggest stars. Pandora is where I listened to Blige's I Feel Good song for the first time.

After hearing "I Feel Good" play on my Smartphone, I began to compare it with the Family Affair hit, and wondered why it wasn't commercialized as much. Family Affair's video ran on B.E.T's 106 and Park for some time. Although it is more gentle, it definitely is fitting to Blige's nonchalant atttitude that ignored attempts aimed at bringing her down. It's a real romantic, elegant song. A tune like that is good for intimate dances and mellow enough (as well) to promote relaxation and increased euphoria. Everything needed to keep positive energy flowing. "I Feel Good" is the Feng Shui of music. Listen for yourself.

No One has been credited with keeping it real as much as Mary J. Blige. The singer has openly reminded her fans that she is on a journey of learning and that her real desire is to continue to get better. She credits her husband Kendu Isaac's with helping her to develop intellectually, during her extensive career.

Hearing "I Feel Good" helped to highlight the fact that there are many good non-commercialized songs that may never make the Play List of most mainstream Radio Stations. In those instances, new technology resources like Pandora becomes more and more important. Like the Internet, going mobile is changing the way we stay connected to the things and people we love. Pandora has a Smartphone app available for your listening pleasure when you are busy and on the go. Feel Good Music Rules.