Staying current on the latest research is probably more important than being on top of the latest technological gadgets like the iPad unless were talking about sharing using and using all of it's high tech capabilities. Finding great resources that deal with health issues that nay of us face daily is not always easy. That's what makes sharing information so vital to us all. It is our sincere pleasure to tell you about a wonderful magazine called MedLine Plus. The magazine itself is really an extension of the Medline Plus Website, a valuable resource for health information on probably almost any topic you can think of and links to directories for healthcare providers can also be found right on the website. That's all fine and dandy, but if you are the type that actually likes to hold your news, the print issue may be just what you need in your business. It contains more selected features that are still targeted toward encouraging people to live healthier lives. Offering the latest in research supported by the National Institute of Health is only one aspect of the benefits of the publication. Medline Plus pages front to back contain articles that share the stories of real people lke you and me who have learned how to live healthier lives and also overcame the negative side of living with a disease.

Every now and then, there will be a celebrity feature that you can appreciate and relate too. The mission, however, is still the same. Keeping the public informed and healthier is the goal. Scientists are also sharing their expertise inv ery issue, so you have people with credentials to back up every word. The magazine will include "graphics, fun quizzes, and practical tips" that will help everyone in your family cope a little better. Subscriptions to the magazine can be delivered straight to your inbox if you like or you can subscribe by clicking the star 

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