There is tons of beautiful lougewear being sold to the go out in your sleepwear crowd. That person in line at the supermarket who's standing there in slippers and a robe with gall written all over her face, is hopefully not someone you know or else you would probably die of embarrassment. Well here's a superstar who dared to step out in public showing her long lean legs, dressed in a robe, and wearing some gladiator looking heels.

Megan Fox Megan Fox wears a robe and heels as she joins Leslie Mann on the set of 'This Is Forty' in Pacific Palisades.

It's Megan Fox y'all looking dreamy as ever. I love the way she wore this slightly see through black silky robe. She chose a perfect fabric to express romantic couriosity. A Chenille Robe sends a totally different message. Chenille fabric is an extremely soft and has a fluffy feel to it. The idea of romantic and courious does not come to mind when I think about it. Relaxation, spas, hotel rooms, and books is what goes with a woman who is wearing a chenille robe. Cozy and comfortable with a cup of hot cocoa in the winter.  Oh yes, comfort and cozy.  

Let's be clear, I'm not bashing the wear your robe or loungewear in public community. Abornewords does not support that type of behavior. All I was trying to do is get you to the moment where you could witness Megan Fox wearing next to nothing. Isn't she bold. Before anyone gets the wrong idea, Megan Fox was snapped in her night-time get up on the set of This Is Forty in Pacific Palisades.

Photo Credit: Bauer Griffin