The last time we showed you how Megan Fox rolls, she was wearing a robe and heels on set. Now a little has changed and instead of flaunting her body in a robe, Fox is getting attention by giving good face and body while looking even more attractive. Here she is below looking amazing with long beautiful hair.


Megan Fox has a new role to play for Sharper Image, a website providing the latest tech variety in the form of gadgets, tools, and electronics. Fox is the new ambassador for Sharper Image. The photo shown above is a Sharper Image attempt to give everyone a sneak peek into the campaign that will be released in a few months. The amount of products offered on the site seems unlimited. Docking stations, wireless earbuds, and iPad extras are only some of the products available on the Sharper Image Website. In addition to all of the hype associated with having a superstar like Megan Fox supporting their efforts, the site will go through a major overhaul! The Megan Fox campaign will open the door for a site that shows a totally new design for shoppers.

Sharper Image is an iconic American brand. We are looking forward to supporting this venture as it unfolds in the coming months.