I couldn't help but blush when I first heard Michelle Obama's interview with Topanga Sena, a kid interviewer. Her school girl charm seemed to shine through with every word, as she spoke with Sena. The interview was conducted as part of all the confetti celebration that went along with the second anniversary of Let's Move, Michelle Obama's initiative program is aimed at combating childhood obesity by instilling healthy values that encourage good eating habits and exercise.

My blushing streak happened because I had seen sweet potatoe fries in my grocer's freezer a couple of times and had been tempted to purchase them. However, I never thought about how I could alter my usual ketchup garnish, until after watching the Sena interview.

French Fries are what Mrs. Obama kind of wishes she could eat all the time. Watch The First Lady Gets Kids Moving Interview and hear how Michelle Obama eases a healthy food choice into the mix

Now that you have heard the word straight from the First Lady; you will probably be warmed up to the idea of ditching your regular fries. If not, maybe this picture will help you to push regular fries aside.

sweet p fries

Now for the tip on losing the ketchup. Serve your own fries with a side of sweet tasting warm honey. You won't be sorry you did. Honey is delicious on sweet potatoes. Yummy is how the little ones will respond.