Michelle Obama has a favorite fragrance but before we share the sugar and spice that Mrs. Obama loves to use as a finishing touch. Let's get a look at her style and elegance so that we will be inspired to show our own grace and style to the world. Her she is with hubby Mr. President Obama at her side all happy with smiles. Check out the black power of today's White House.

Michelle Obama President Obama And First Lady Return From Ft. Bragg, North Carolina

When I heard that the First Lady Michelle Obama had a favorite fragrance, I wanted to know what it was so badly. I started searching and found out that she had reveal the secret of her sweet aroma to the good folks over at Fashion Focus, and I could not wait to tell you all about it. This is what I call intimate detail and that's something everyone can relate to. Things like favorite colors, favorite foods, and favorite activities coming from our Opinion Leaders somehow helps us to understand their story just a little more. Plus, it gives us a chance to learn about new products or services that we may not have even heard of before. Leading you up to the information about the fragrance is kind of fun. This little process here is what I like to call a blog tease, so let's get on to what is making the First Lady of the United States smell like everything nice.

You are not really done dressing until you douse yourself with your favorite fragrance. Having a favorite fragrance also tells those you interact with everyday something very important. What is it? First, it says that you are making an effort to contribute to creating a pleasant environment. The other most vital message is that you are entering into life's situations with a certain consciousness by wearing something to encourage a good response from those around you. The aroma from your fragrance is going to say remember me, one way or another.

Here is the fragrance that is radiating off of Mrs. Obama to create curiosity about her lure.

Love In White

Love in White is a fragrance created by Creed. They have been around since 1760. Here is what you can expect to get if you decide to purchase a bottle for yourself or a loved one.

Classification: Floral / Fresh Characteristics: Handmade ingredients of rare quality from five continents. A worldly mix of blossoms in the hands of Mr. Creed becomes a fragrance at once exclusive and welcoming. Top note: Orange zest from southern Spain Middle notes: Young iridescent rice husk from Tonkin in the South Asian Seas; from Egypt; white jasmine from the Italian Coast; daffodils from the French Riveriera; magnolia from the mountains of Guatemala; and Bulgarian rose. Base notes: Vanilla from the island of Java; ambergris from Calabria; sandalwood from Mysore, India

At times it's easy to forget or dismiss the creative process by forgetting about all the work and also the endless amount time that goes into producing the final finished product, and that's exactly why we decided that I would share the make mix of Love In White with you. If you are not persuaded to splurge for a bottle of your own just yet, try one of the sample vials available for sale. See if you like it as much as the First Lady does, and then make a decision. Oh and dousing yourself may not be a good idea. It was just a way to express how wonderful this fragrance smells, so please no matter how obsessed you are with your sweet smelling fragrance, please not so much.  Sounds like sweet music on a high note to me.  Don't hesitate, get yours today.  

Photo Credit: Getty Images