Leaving a legacy is very important for most of us. Our accomplishment, beliefs, and our contributions to society serve as a reminder of the impact we have on others. It represents acts, deeds, or as some may call it, service. The imprint that of our lifetime. Her is Mickey Rourke leaving his mark. See how he landed?

Looks like Rouke fell into a bad guy persona as he plays in a lot of tough roles. Rourke stars as King Hyperion in the action packed 3D adventure, Immortals. The villain meets the hero and each side is desparately fighting to get something desired. The Bow of Epirus, and a restroation of order and normalcy away from destruction is what Thesus (played by Henry Cavill) wants to achieve.  You'll have to watch to see how the battle ends.  Rourke had a brief career in boxing and has also won a Golden Globe for his role as Randy "The Ram" Robinson in The Wrestler.  Your life and how you live it is who you really are.  That's something to think about and also one to grow on.