The last episode of Love & Hip-Hop fanned the flames of the rival between Stevie J. and his longtime partner, Mimi Faust. The drama unfolded and the couple has not made amends, at least not on screen to date. One thing is for certain, there are so many women who can relate to Mimi's position, and females are starting to take sides. Here's a picture of Mimi Faust, the Love & Hip-Hop Super Chic who has been holding Stevie J. down since forever.

Mimi Faust is being judged by women and men alike who follow the VH1 Love & Hip Hop Episodes each week, name calling is common on and off the show. The I'm strong, I will survive women are using words like blockhead and doormat to describe the mother and actress. Drama seems to be a part of her whole life as love and music take centerstage, each trying to win her over or change her mentality about the course her life should take. As the drama unfolds, Mimi is getting support from the rest of her girl pals on the show. sources are now saying that there is a big surprise in store for fans of the show. The rumor of the surprise arose after Stevie J's artist Joseline Hernandez dropped a new song called Bailer.

Rumor or not, the surprise involves music that is allegedly to be a female anthem coming from Rapper Rasheeda Buckner who seems to be siding with Mimi. The lyrics are suppose to be created to give Mimi and other Hip-Hop Females something to sing about that is relatable to the Music Industry and the lifestyle that goes along with it. The twist is said to also be something that the men in the industry will like too. Although, there has not been any word on whether Rasheeda was sympathizing with Mimi, we suspect that she really put herself in Mimi's shoes. We don't know what this female Rapper has cooked up for Mimi and fans of the show, but we can't wait for the reveal. In the meantime, we will just have to wonder about the lyrics. All we know is that Mimi has to see this situation for what it is, but can she really forget all the drama and handle her business on the money side? Maybe the so called female anthem Rasheeda has cooked up will be just what she needs to hear in order to put things into perspective. Our ears are open over hear. Can't wait!

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