The Love &Hip-Hop Reality TV Star Mimi Faust appeared strong and confident on the finale episode of the very controversial VH1 show that filmed in the city of Atlanta. Atlanta is labeled as the Black Hollywood and Mimi Faust is certainly a real person with more than enough drama in her life to be a Hollywood Superstar!

Her run on Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta was anything but boring. The popularity of the show soared because of the relatable content which mirrored all the ups and downs of a fast lifestyle filled with a realistic degree of extravagance; showing off real people trying to make it to the top and others who were just trying to cease an opportunity to stay relevant or blow up major. Amid all the screaming and curse words that Mimi verbalized like her heart was full of hurt, pain, and love at the same time, there seemed to be things that she never said. Now, sources are saying that there is more to Mimi than what meets the eyes. If you missed her sister street game on the show, read on as we try to clue you in here at Abornewords.

Do not think about the reunion show right now, but remember the finale episode when Stevie J came to see Mimi. He was holding paper(s) in his hand. Now we all know that has made it clear that he will pay for it (her happiness and approval) of course. He did already give her at least 10% of Joseline Hernandez earnings, so it was not a surprise that he came with paper(s) in hand again. However, sources are saying that even though Stevie J. casually inquired about "getting on some type of page" with Mimi, he was really reminding her of her own obligations and responsibility to him. Still wondering what we mean? Word is that Mimi Faust has herself signed a contract with Stevie J. Although nothing has been publicly confirmed, it is certainly something to think about. If Mimi Faust is keeping quiet about something, it sure is not stopping her from blasting off on video every chance she gets. The self made business woman was filmed in some video footage boasting about how she told the truth on Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta. Y' all have to listen intently though, she did say that she was real about her sugar, honey, ice tea. You do the math! Updates pending.

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