Lily Collins plays Snow White in Mirror Mirror. A lot of African Americans , although familiar with the Snow White storyline, were lost in relation because they longed to see more black representation in the movie. The question becomes, do movies like these suffer because they are not a true representation of the times?   We do live in a multicultural society. Let's face it, sometimes movies that are reminiscent of the past can cost movie stars fans and money, one way or another. Here are some of the images from Mirror Mirror with our favorite Pretty Woman (Julia Roberts) in a Red Gown that is more like the clothes worn during the 19th Century, so befitting to Mirror Mirror's chronological setting.


Lily Collins stars in Relativity Media's Mirror Mirror. Photo Credit: Matthew Rolston, Lydia Goldblatt. © 2012 Relativity Media. All Rights Reserved.

Nathan Lane and Julia Roberts star in Relativity Media's Mirror Mirror. Photo Credit: Jan Thijs. © 2012 Relativity Media. All Rights Reserved.

You probably will not ever forget how much you loved Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. All races related to the storyline of the 1990 classic, showing the troubled, bad girl finally getting her man. Julia's role in Mirror Mirror cast her as an evil Queen that is olding a Kingdom captive. The real Princess is in exile. There are many of you that will call this another version of the Cinderella Storyline and credit Disney for at least helping to bring us The Princess and The Frog, but Tyler Perry Fans may be saying something like Where is Bam Bam or a Good Deed goes a long way, after watching the trailer for Mirror Mirror.

Sure, being a movie lover does not mean that (if you are black) that you have to swear off movies like Mirror Mirror, or love Tyler Perry any more or less for what he offers creatively. The creative spectrum is broad enough to fulfill the needs of all the masses, no matter what your cinema taste may be. Do we appreciate Tyler Perry just a little more each and every time he crates a movie like Good Deeds or his Aunt Bam Bam's Place? The answer for many of you will be yes, and Abornewords agrees with you.