Every now and then, it is really necessary to upgrade your look and overall style. What brings you to this new found point of reinvention is not important. The fact that you are there means that you are open minded about change. A lifestyle change, a new job, or just a general desire to do something different are a few reasons why many of us make the leap to a makeover. Feelings of self worth and increased self-esteem are similar reasons that encourage a lift in confidence or increased performance. That's right!  When you feel good about yourself, you can perform your daily responsibilities much better.  Today Abornewords wants to reveal a special makeover. At least as far as hair and makeup go, I pretty much have found the perfect foundation for my brown skin while also finding the perfect hairstyle for my oval facial shape. I received a few compliments and this last one is one of the reasons I had to share my new look with the Abornewords readers. The compliment was that I really looked like Miss J. since I changed my look. Here's the proof.


Nicole K. Phillips (top      )

miss j  

            Miss J. Alexander (Above)

Change is good! embrace it with a passion, roll the dice, and see what you get when you come out new money. The comment was well recieved and I appreciated it. The kind words came from someone in leadership who was so taken aback by my look, she could't help herself. I realized a longtime ago that I tend to have that affect on some people. I felt so honored, really. Miss J. Alexander has accomplished so much. Her position as Runway Coach on Americas Next Top Model has help put many of today's models at the forefront of the fashion scene. Her knowledge of fashion, design, and everything girly is the reason she has an established reputation all over the world. I can only hope to achieve that level of success in my business endeavors. Good body! Good face!  Can you say Smize or just Follow the Model.