Living in a house that has all kinds of appliances can surely spoil you rotten. You can become more dependant on plugging those gadgets up and getting the job done quickly. Food processors, kitchen Aides, popcorn poppers, griddles, deep fryers, juicers, and a good knife set is what every kitchen needs to at least have the basics covered in the preparation section. Here is our Mother's Day gift reveal. We know that our Abornewords Mother is going to put this to good use. Check out what we decided to get our matriarch.

Colorful Enamel...

You never realize how spoiled you are until you're out of town visiting family or friends and you don't have access to your kitchen toys. Things change really quickly in the efficiency department. Food processors are considered very handy for a reason. Who wants to sit at a table chopping and grinding seasoning with a knife while fighting off the tears released by your lacrimal glands. That's not cool. Kitchen Aide mixers make everything to do with mixing and beating easy. Cake batter never tasted so good. Were just getting warmed up on telling you just how a modern kitchen equipped with a few basic gadgets helps to save you time and money.

The Popcorn Popper is one of the best inventions ever! If you've ever popped kernels in a covered saucepan, chances are you will appreciate owning a popcorn popper once you use it for the fist time. No more flying popcorn or waiting for the oil to get hot. With a popcorn popper, all you need is is a bowl to catch your hot buttery snack. Hot buttery popcorn in a bowl and movie night is on. Oh and the Griddle is a must have for evenly portioned pancakes. easily flipped and a larger capacity is created by the batch. No one has to wait. Nothing says crispy like a Deep Fryer. Large pieces of chicken without traces of blood near the bone. Juicers are great for preparing nutritious treats or meals. Banana and Strawberry smoothies are great choices anytime. Finally, trimming the fat from lamb chops, roast, or chicken parts can not even be attempted with dull knives. A good knife set is a must for every kitchen.  

Growing up in a house with a mother who made it a point to try almost every new gadget that hit the market, I learned to appreciate using a well equipped kitchen. We chose the colorful colander because in all my years of watching my mother go from tupperware to rubbermaid and owning so many different kitchen utensils.   However, I never remember seeing her own a colorful colander. All I can recall seeing in our household is the sterling silver coated colander. For a consumer who makes it a point to be in the loop on everything modern, this is really very odd. We know this is the perfect gift for for Abornewords Mother.  Surprise! The enamel coated colander is a winning purchase.