It's here and we are going to let you feel our vibe like a rain that is not yet a drizzle but more like a gentle mist. Whatever sweet sounds you are hearing (in voice or in tune) none will measure up to the feelings of love or those some might call passion expressed in a song that is sure to increase the fandom of it's this well known artist. What's the name of this tune and who is responsible for bringing you this type of heat? She is the girl who grew up in this industry to become the woman with a voice doing it Acapella, Kelis. Pictured below in all black everything.

kelis 5

You already know! She told you she was Bossy. Didn't you believe her? Now, it really doesn't matter because she has something for all of her real fans to remember forever. Controvery, competition, love, hate. Whatever you want to call it in your sharing, it's already done and decided. The verdict is .....Kelis is a star that is so diverse. All you get is extras, when it comes to her catalog of hits. You can't go wrong or deny her rise. She can bring it from all directions.

If you want to feel that gentle mist that I told you about earlier, get this song For Your Collection.  Not yet a drizzle, we have the whole year to go!