There is always a nail revolution happening in retail outlets between popular brands, now it's The Brightest Neon Palette from Revlon and The Mirror Metallics from brand Essie. Want to know who's taking the lead? The trend for popping nail color battles evens out a lot, but this time by popular demand Revlon has taken the title for most charismatic, due to the new edge and dual color applicator. Take a look at the trend that helped to pull Revlon over the top.

Gradient Polishing is the next new obsession for nail polish loyals. Phalanges never looked so good. A finished nail polish job that looks great is the end result that every woman wants, after the drying process. Still. some women are wondering if the gradient technique really is just another way to complicate the usual three strokes and dry process. Take a look at the Gradient look that includes purple.

At Abornewords, we think that innovation leads the way in beauty and fashion and don't think complicating the process is really the issue when it comes to nail technique. Using make up wedges is the new technique changing nail care. Finding another way to create nails that pop is a reasonable goal for Nail Technicians. Granted, there are a few extra steps involved, and the process is eccentric. Although, thinking about ordinary buffers does not make sponges seem so strange. One thing that we never want to forget is that it is all about the process.

Women spend hours in the hair salon and at least a couple of hours in the nail shop, all to achieve a pleasing level of beauty and style. Gradient Nail Polish is a technique that will make nail polishing applications more fun and less messy. Cleaning up polish errors will be much easier; and can also mean fewer trips to your local drugstore for replacement products. No matter what you think about the gradient technique, the finished result is marked with a touch of beauty created with a well known beauty applicator (the makeup wedge) which makes nails just as beautiful as a fully beaten face.

* beaten face is used to co-notate to a fully made up face