Sydney Film Festival's Director Nashen Moodley

Besides being an amazing looking gentleman, sporting a tan, Moodley is a guy who does not take the talent and creativity of film creators for granted. Moodley took time to describe how special Film Festivals are versus downloadable versions of our favorite movies. When the lights go out let's just say, Moodley seems to believe that you should be sitting in the theater. The crowd shares something other than the film when sitting with the lights turned low in the theater. Laughter is one thing that feels different when more people are doing it, according to Nashen Moodley, the man in charge. Moodley passion for new content is like one of an eager film maker. Passion is at the center of every creative mind.  It's the very force that drives creation.  Laughter and the feelings of closeness that usually result from spending time together is something that you share indirectly with other people in the room with you, even when you don't really know the indivudual on a personal level.

It's the discussions centered around the movies, along with the storyline's scenes, that makes the audience relate on a personal level. Each person experience it differently too. The beauty of watching films is sharing the storyline.  The intensity of that type of engagement is like inner beauty. You only see it in every character helping to bring the story to life on the Big Screen. Conversations about the characters are bound to occur. The hype is really what makes blockbusters a reality.