Mom's everywhere will love this bag and for good reason. The bright colors are perfect for those summer days when a park visit includes kids, playtime, and a few good snacks; before an evening at the theater. Take a look at the trendy bag Nicole Miller is offering up for a little shoulder candy.

Lovely right? Throw in granola bars, carrot cake muffins, and a few starburst and you are ready to spend a few hours having fun with your clan. A day out for a little fun does not mean you have to forget about style; With the Becky Shopper Bag, you don't have to. Instead of sporting that pop of color on your feet, your shoulder is a good place to draw attention to. Taking a second look will be automatic, once your friends see you carrying a cute bag like the Becky Shopper. We all need a few good bags for those moments or occasions that are a vital part of our social lifestyle.

Nicole Miller's Becky Bag will change the way you dish out snacks to your little ones. It's mama's little way of being cute and prissy while satisfying a snack attack initiated by busy body kids. Nicole by Nicole Miller comes through again for the women who truly want to have it all. Find these and more bags from Nicole by Nicole Miller at JC Penny's. Looking good and trendy is a must. There's nothing like a day that ends with fashion needs met and the kids well satisfied.