In the words of my father, straight from the wisdom filled tongue of my granny, "start where you are, take what you have, and make something of it"

That's just what we are doing here at Abornewords. Bringing you news on the hottest people, products, and fashion is what we love to do full-time. Here is what we have for you today. Fashionably speaking, we want you to start to think along the lines of prom. Gowns, gowns, and more gowns. Tuxedos later! We have more fashion choices than men and much more fun playing dress up. Nicole Miller is one of my favorite designers. Her knack to use color, patterns, and textures to introduce some of the most trendy looks each and every season is a gift. It's back to the future and there for all you girls, we have the latest prom must haves. Take a look at a few of our favorites from Nicole Miller.

Prom Dresses...

Prom is a special occassion and maybe your only chance to compete for the Cinderella Spotlight. Picking the right dress is essential because it is what you will remember beyond anything else. The photographs are what create this concrete memory, so you want to be ready to meet your competition. Nicole Miller has everything you need and more to ready you for your moment. I do not want you to worry about accessories, shoes or how you will whip your hair. All you need to focus on is the dress. It's the centerpiece of everything, so please try to get it right. Above all remember, your dress can be a gift or a curse, so choose wisely!