For every woman who has ever tried to avoid obsessing over every new cosmetic product that hits the market, you amy not be able to resist this one. What cosmetic product could possibly sway you to enter into the forbidden one of crazy about it can't live without it? I'll give you a few hints before I tell you. Does an obsession for color or a cherry on top ring any bells? What about school of hard rocks, cocktail bling, or size matters. Do any of those phrases mean anything to you? Well I say take a look at this photo and everything should become clear.


You guessed it, it's Essie Nail Color, specifically from the Luxeffects Collection, and boy are there so many fun treats available in the Essie Line. Essie is a high end nail polish formerly only available at select spas nationwide. Now you can purchase it from your local drugstore or even online too.  I'll admit I do have my favorites, but I am a brand junkie.  I love all kinds of people, products, and services because I respect the creative process so much.  However, it was easy for me to fall for Essie.  The catchy names are just to perfect to resist.  There are four in particular  that I want to recommend.  Here they are:

  • shine of the times
  • a cut above
  • set in stones
  • pure perfection     

These are some of the colors that every woman should own. The reason your obsession should be leaning toward those shades is because they are glitzy and glam with a more natural looking appearance shining through. Using these colors will not give you a lot of heavy color saturation either. What you get is a more clear coat and less than a solid color nail polish.

Luxeffects will deliver that extra little touch you need to make your cute little dress look like Cinderella's change of clothes before the stroke of midnight. Let your nails help you to create your Cinderella moment when the rest of your look is casual and low key. Now obsessing over a brand can be affordable and fun for more reasons than one. Put together trendy names, affordability, and cool colors, and you get the spa experience offered by the Luxeffects Collection by Essie. Do "think of Luxeffects as the cherry on top" as the brand suggest. Oh yes, that's a tag line your hands will appreciate exploring.