An app created by Jason Van Anden has now become the new way to alert family and friends that you are headed to the slammer. The inspiration came to Anden "after a friend" ended up in handcuffs during a protest.

Okay so, who wants to think about being detained behind bars away from family and friends? Probably no one with good sense. However, we all either know someone who can't seem to stay on the right side of the law, or we are personally that person from the other side of the tracks. Either way, you have to admit this is a cool and modern way to avoid all the waiting associated with booking and processing. Getting that one phone call  (is often so vital to your release) and someone has to be informed of your status before any arrangements can be made.. Getting someone to post bail or make other legal arrangements can go a lot faster, if an alert went out ahead of time. Your one phone call can now go digital and out to more people. The I'm getting arrested app is like your get out of jail ticket. Now you know, but let's pray you never have to use it!

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