Whatever happened to the good old days when females could be real good friends with a man without any strings attached with the intention being innocent and only leading to a platonic universe. Is it wishful thinking to expect that there is such a place, or can it exist under the right circumstances? In an ideal situation, it can exist if there is a mutual understanding and victory over the jump your bones episodes.

Accepting that is is okay to find your friend attractive is the first step on both sides. The next most vital aspect is to be sure that you are amicable with your friends spouse so that there will be less chances for backlash. There is always a building block stage present in friendships which is designed to serve as a stepping stair, directing your friendship to a higher level of closeness, making it better and mutually beneficial. Remembering the building block will help to create a situation that nurtures constant improvement. The reward is healthy interaction and more intimacy.

There are many obstacles to work through, but only a few will be given in this post, so that you won't fieel overwhelmed. Two things right off stand out, and these are question that should be dealt with using the wisdom of Solomon.   How to include the spouse without coming across as someone who is trying to hard and how to put your friends attractiveness into words.  Caution to the female in this situation, there is a chance that your friends wifey will not be feeling you at all. Dinner parties and other social gatherings are a good choice for opposite sex friendships because spending time does not necessarily mean alone time.  Now for the tricky, awkward, tongue twister moment, expressing your friends attractiveness.  Hand on your temple for ideas on how to say hunk of a man or babe of the century without offending your friend or his/her spouse.  While we are all thinking on that one, let me just say I like the way these friends move:


Winnie the Pooh and Friends


Are you smiling yet? Seriously, I hope that picture helped you to realize that friendships can be innocent and full of love even between opposite sexes. Stay in touch with your childlike attitudes. And remember that you have the most fun when you rember to be humble and giving. Hands down, this is what my think tank has come up with concerning how to find the right words to express your friends attractiveness. Ready? I like the way you look in that suit or Purple is a good color for you. Both of those statements sound pleasant and appropriate. One last obstacle that many opposite sex friends face is dealing with the friends of Mrs. Wifey. This is the most difficult ordeal to face because an outside party is really threatening the friendships you have with your guy pal and his wife. Here is what you do laid out and straight to the point. When the wifey's friends are coming at you with that drama, please just ignore her and keep focusing on the peole who really matter and forget about it.

Tips like the ones I've given here are the simple common sense answers that work well in the beginnings stages of opposite sex friendships.The suggestions are not extensive and only represent minimum solutions to an age old problem, but those examples should help you to say what is on your mind without apprehension. Going through the process sheds some light on a few things that seemed to be unclear about opposite sex friendships. If things get difficult, remember that the building block exists as a tool to improve your friendships. Getting to higher levels of intimacy will help you build bonds that no man can put asunder. Again, be humble and giving and stay in touch with you childlike attitudes.