There has been a lot of talk since Oprah Winfrey retired her daytime talk show host mic for the new venture over at OWN Network. It's not surprising considering the fact that so many of us were sorry to see her move on to her Next Chapter. Well, the Queen of Talk is getting into position to expand her notoriety yet again. This new partnership is in collaboration with Huffington Post Media Group; who knows what is next to come? Oprah is already big business, and now there will be more talk floating around about her moves. What huge domination she has in this industry. The well known media group offers up news and entertainment on every topic imaginable. All the things that will keep us in the know are there where we need them.

OWN will get a section to themselves on the website, coming this August. President/Editor & Chief Arianna Huffington of Huffington Post dropped the news, as did Eric Logan and Sheri Salata. Logan and Salata spoke on behalf of OWN. The plan is to create an environment of engagement.  That is what made Oprah Winfrey so successful in the first place. Everyone involved feels like this new exposure over at Huffington Post will provide a new way for Oprah fans to be informed and also share in community. Oprah was always there for her audience as a Talkshow Host, and she showed her inspirational personality daily, by making everyone feel welcome. Her humble attitude shined through all the time. Guest took notice and so did the rest of the nation. Worldwide she is known and loved.

When Oprah took her heels over to OWN that was new territory, putting her in a whole new category of competition with so many networks offering original programming. The new partnership with Huffington Post will give bloggers and the general community a chance to have conversations centered around The wirters from OWN and will be working together to lead this new venture by providing direction using written content in union with the Huffington Post Team.

OWN's move to partner with Huffington Post is a true sign of how vital digital and social media are in our daily lives. We need it, we crave it, and most of all we like it. In order to truly reach out to everyone, there has to be this type of multi-channel engagement happening all the time. Television and mainstream radio are nolonger enough. Encourage loyalty and longevity means that exploring social media and other channels must be done effectively. Oprah is all about spreading the love. We hope you can feel it.

"Oprah Winfrey Network is a joint venture between Harpo Inc. and Discovery Communications, OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network is a multi-platform media company designed to entertain, inform, and inspire people to live their best life".