The buzz is up questioning Oprah Winfrey's tough love exterior, as she has now brokne down and conducted an interview with Rapper 50 Cent. Why now is the the question that mamy media members pondered when the news and eventually the video clips of the interview surfaced on the internet. Oprah doesn't play games or move to the tune of anyone's rules. There wasn't ever any animosity on Oprah's side, we simply believe that Oprah uses good judgement and tells it like it is, even at the cost of sacrificing ratings and popularity. The well spoken Talk Show Genius is just good at what she does. She's a people person and her personality is always welcoming. The Oprah Winfrey Show maintained a certain level of integrity by refusing to pay guest to share their stories. The envirornment on the show reflected that integrity. Audience members and guest appearing on the long running show appreciated the shows adherence to those standards. Here is Oprah and Fifty Cent pictured below looking like mother and son.

The queen of talk and 50 Cent look pretty chummy in the photo. Still, in one of the clips, 50 Cent seemed to show a little tension, as he spoke about the names of his pets which happened to be Oprah and Gail. there is speculation that the tension shown by the Rap Star is a result of the deep affection and closeness he feels to the two best friends. The idea of that being the case is not so hard to believe. Stars are fans of each other and more than anything, they understand what that means. How it plays out is much different than a star struck fan chasing their favorite celebrity down a street. The tactics used by a celebrity who has a deep admiration, love, or respect for another celebrity includes the privilege of access and that's a double blow. You are famous and you have access to your favorite people. Wow a blessing and a curse, if you ask some die hard fans. Imagine having to deal with the limitations of that type of access while still competing in your industry. Motivational and tantalizing. That's joy and pain for sure.