How often have you heard that your fashion choices are a reflection of who you are? Well, look in the mirror and figure it out, do you know who you really are? After all, many of us wear many hats and it should be that way. At first glance, you will probably come up with something like, I'm a living and breathing being with real feelings. Not a bad response, but I beg you to question whether your fashion choices are really only a reflection of who you are or does it go much deeper than what is on the surface of your body? If not, chances are that you may be missing out on being connected to people and resources that can help make life's journey a whole lot easier.

Our country is full of amazing people, products, and services that can help to make life more meaning and real. Take a look at how these ladies are getting ready for Independence Day. It's a patriotic view of what helps everyone recognize who we are.

Their patriotic looks make a statement and probably mean different things to each of us. For some, it's symbolic for love for America, other will say it is a reminder of how unity can empower a generation, there will also be more of you who only see beauty or your next fashion purchase. We are not criticizing you for having your own vision and ideas oh how you see the world and the people in it. All we wan to do is challenge you to think more critically about the way you communicate your beliefs so that you can be connected on a higher level. Thinking and behaving in such a manner connects you on a spiritual level that is often miraculous.

It's possible to make meaningful connections that satisfy you in different ways. Whatever your perception, non verbal communication can work in your favor and give you exactly what you need at critical times in your life. Today, Abornewords wants to remind you that being connected does not always mean being there in the flesh. This fourth of July, start to live out loud and use everything you know to help others feel closer to you. Your family and friends will appreciate you and love you even more for making an effort.