With over 13 years in sales related experience, one thing I've learned to watch is consumer behavior. Right now it seems that Pepsi Next is receiving a lot of attention, as customers are warming up to the new drink big time. Pepsi Next is not skimping on flavor. The only difference is the ingredients which end up equaling a lower caloric intake that contains 60% less sugar than regular Pepsi Cola. There are customers who actually admit that diet sodas are not an option, but Pepsi Next seems to be changing consumers mind. Pepsi Next gives soda lovers a way to avoid drinking high calorie drinks and diet drinks at the same time. A dual benefit for consumers who are not ready to go diet turkey. Drinking diet sodas all the time is not something that I look forward too. Many other consumers seem to agree because point of sale tallies for Pepsi Next seem to be increasing rapidly. There have also been some great promotions with Catalina Coupons and other sales related bonuses that are really getting the attention of shoppers. One of the major marketing benefits of Pepsi Next is the name. The cola is not branded with as a diet soda, so consumers are not turned off by the labeling aspect. Instead of single serve or 16-20oz bottles, consumers seem to prefer purchasing 12 packs and 2-Liter bottles. A famous face is also helping to introduce the brand to consumers. Check out the gallery to see whose on board with Pepsi Next below.

With the help of celebrities like Eva Longoria, Pepsi Next will probably continue to fly off the shelves in stores everywhere. Eva Longoria seemed to be enthusiastic about getting New Yorkers excited about Pepsi Next, according to a recent press release. Longoria said she's hoping to turn cola lovers in New York into believers.

The soda has 60% less sugar than regular Pepsi Cola, and with tag lines like "Drink It To Believe It" how could consumers pass up a chance to taste test. Pepsi promises to deliver "a rich cola experience" I must admit that the new Pepsi Next taste just like regular cola. I'm a believer!

Pepsi's marketing strategy includes moves that will increase brand support as a result of innovations like the Pepsi Next initiative and some restructuring that involves spending increases for advertising purposes. "PepsiCo is a global food and beverage leader with net revenues of more than 65 billion"