The brand name begs the question; are you taking advantage of your bread and butter? We stumbled upon this app per chance and believe that it will help to change the way you do photos. Now is the time to get excited about sharing those photos with you friends and family. We know that there are countless apps out there that will help you to enhance your photos, but we like what Photo Toaster has to offer. From the photo you can see that your options are almost unlimited. Check it out!

The Photo Toaster App is used for editing purposes and it also works on with your Instagram Photos. You need to have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to utilize this valuable resource, but it's guaranteed to help you get your special photos just right. Photo Toaster has a lot to offer.

  • Features: 
    • 60 one click effects
    • 80 one click settings in lighting
    • 24 slider controls
    • boarder and texture options
    • save to all major social networking sites 
    • send a real postcard with Sincerely 

Those are only a few of the benefits of Photo Toaster. The app is available in the iTunes Store and is on sale right now for a limited time. Once you get inon it, tell all your friends. Your image is everything and sometimes using natural light can be tricky, so get a little help and do it like the pros do. Photo Toaster Jr. is also available for free. Get yours today!

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