The effect of social media has major brands stirring to leverage themselves in a pool of choices that contains masses of competition. Pinerest and Google are being compared for their effectiveness to situate some well known brands using pictures. A presentation shed light on what we mean. View it and then decide who you believe wins and if it is really a matter of opinion or preference bias toward one or the other.

Consumers are always looking for a way to connect with their favorite brands and the people who create them. The idea of establishing that connection is not the be all or end all. However, connecting does create a beginning that serves as a pl,atform first; to get brands noticed, second; to get brands talked about, and third; to create brand loyalty. Pinerest and Google are both great resources to user for creating and maintaining a presence in social media. One does not cancel out the other. Both are needed to expand social outreach, create brand awareness, and ultimately create new business. To choose which is best would only show a bias that is partial to my presence and one that is not reflective of what is really important.