Paper, pens, and ideas, need to have a cute place to land as they come flying out of your cloud of thought. I've seen quite a few little journals up for sale at Barnes & Nobles that measure up in the cute category. However, the price tag and size can't compete with a collection of journals being offered under the Plan Ahead Brand. The Plan Ahead Jumbo Journals would surely be my first pick in any contest measuring style, affordability, and durability.  Take a look at this Jumbo Journal that I got myself as a gift.  LOL

A Look at the inside




Yes okay, you are seeing right. It is shown above in one of my favorite prints. Plan Ahead Jumbo Journals are a perfect runway for all of your creative ideas. Seeing this journal made me want to write something.  That motivation is one of the main reasons I write and share information. The pages of these journals are the only way to go creative crazy, but let's not stop there. Creating back up documents are key to any good business. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to learn that lesson the hard way.  Owning one of these will help to ready you for the unexpected and also serve as as a good record keeping resource.  Manuel documentation may take more time than pegging out information on your keyboard, but the extra time will be worth it when computerized technology goes down.    

For writers, going old school is even more valuable.  Why?  It's really simple.  Thinking in terms of a writers preferred style will help shed light on the importance of recognizing that worth.  Some writers like to speed type on the keyboard, others like to use typewriters, and then there are those writers who love to write it all out using paper by hand. What type am I?  Well, I like to use my favorite pen and write it out.  

The real reason there's value in writing it all out is because the brainstorming process comes to life better, there's more relaxation, and the words flow better.  Sitting at a desk on the keys requires attentiveness to posture and form.  When I am really getting into it, I just want my journal there, my ideas, and my pen.  As I stated relaxation is a must; at that point I don't want to be concerned about how I'm sitting or finger placement on the home keys.  Yep, just me, my Plan Ahead Jumbo Journal and my pen.  

The size and frugal price point is not the only reason you should want to own one these journals.  Other features are:

  • perforated pages
  • letter quality stationary
  • hard back cover 

If for no other reason, you have to give the Plan Ahead Jumbo Journals points for the hardback cover.  Forget the leather, hardbacks are the best, so if you want quality, a good price, and durability you have to grab you one of these.  To do list, logs, manuscripts, record keeping, or schedules, use the pages of your journal to satisfy all of your needs. Get yours at your local drugstore. 

Discreet Delight