All it took for Cristal to go Hip-Hop is for Rapverse Leaders like the Nortorious B-I-G and Jay-Z to put the brand in a bar or two and there you have it, Cristal made it to Rap's Big Time. The same thing could happen for Poet's Leap. The name alone gives it a lot of credence. Here is a picture of the Abornewords alternative to Cristal.

Poets Leap

Although, it is not laced in gold wrapping like the average bottle of Cristal, the flavor is said to be very clean, leaving a lingering taste with every sip. Poet's Leap has a Hip-Hop appeal because Rappers are really modern day Poet's who use all the same rhythm, meters, and stanzas used by some of our favorite poets. Anyone who has ever picked up a Literature Book, or studied verse in some way, will agree. End rhyme and exact rhyme are easily identified in a lot of rap verses. No matter what a rappers choice of words or organization, there is always a rhyme scheme (pattern) that exist throughout a songs verses.

When Jay-Z performed American Dreamin', for VH1 Storytellers, he made sure to show off the fact that his lyrical style is genius. Besides the fact that Poet's Leap is relatable to today's Modern Day Poets like Jay-Z, its name gives way to the brands appeal. If there is still doubt in your mind concerning whether or not Poet's Leap has the potential to be the dinner table palette teaser for Hip-Hop, maybe you will believe that it has collegiate potential. College Students are always looking for ways to associate common activities of daily living with coursework covered in class. Doing so makes the material seem more meaningful and can serve as an aide for understanding and study purposes. Hey, a gift bottle of Poet's Leap could help start a philosophical discussion around the dinner table, and the topic just may end up being about the rap verses of an artist like Jay-Z. After all, he has been the subject of discussion in one Professors class already.

You may not be convined of the Hip-Hop power that opinion leaders like Jay-Z actually have, or the ability of Poet's Leap to go collegiate. However, you may have to admit, it does make you wonder about the likelihood of Hip-Hop -vs- Collegiate and Poet's Leap being the prize of the winner. The irony is that it is all centered around who is more likely to be popping the cap of a bottle of Poet's Leap.

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