For a President who came into office facing a failed economy, President Obama has proven that measurable change can happen overtime.

From saving 4.2 million jobs with the stimulus, creating the Auto Rescue initiative, helping car manufacturers maintain a stable status, creating private sector jobs, taking on the credit card companies with the creation of the Credit Card Act of 2009, signing the Wall Street reform and Consumer Protection Act in 2010, protecting kids with pre-existing conditions, doubling up wind and solar power, lowering middle class taxes, making sure affordable college loans are available with easy pay back planning, passing the Healthcare and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010, ensuring that equal pay for women was realized as a result of the Lilly LedBetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, to addressing the don't ask, don't tell problem. He has been cooperative and tactful during his first term and will be the best candidate to serve us for another four years. Watch the Forward released on April 30th so you can see how much our President Obama deserves your vote in Novemeber