It's no time like the present to present some music that is totally expressive of an idea we all are familiar with but one that is often not followed in this world full of eye candy. It's nothing wrong with putting it all out there, as long as you remember what love should be and what it should really mean when you find that one who feels like your other rib in reality, mind, or spirit. Take a listen at Prima J on Inside Out.

Prima J
Track List

  1. Corazón 

  2. Leftovers     

  3. Tame     

  4. Flip The Script         

  5. Homework     

  6. Girlfriend     

  7. Inside Out  

  8. Boom     

  9. Chilosa         

10. Nadie (No One)

11. Infatuated
12. Go Hard         

13. Rock Star