There are a lot of wonderful blogs out here in cyberspace that are actually wonderful. The content is informative, entertaining, and reflective of my culture, and interest. Those are the key elements that make a blog great, and those are really the only relevant things that should stick out and matter to anyone who is visiting a blog.  


Key elements that will help you determine if a blog is right for you.  

  •  Is the information answering a question?
  • Is the information helpful to you in some way?
  • Are you relating to the information, content, or people featured on the blog?
  • Are you inspired to act in some way?
  • Are you motivated to change negative behavior?
  • Are you entertained by featured content?
  • Are you engaging with the content? (commenting, newsletters, mailing list, regular visits) 
If you answered yes to any of those questions, you may be on the right track.  However, you should never keep yourself in a box when it comes to experiences.  If I learned anything during my five year higher education quest, it was to:
  •  absorb as much information as possible
  • retain what is useful and meaningful 
  • discard all the rest  
Doing so will allow you to be more open-minded.


How to stay true to your gift

Those of you who are actually in the blogging family (you maintain a blog and post regularly) have already realized and identified a segment of the market, a target market group, that needs the content you offer.  Numbers, names, and analytical data is not what you use to measure your success.  The joy of your gift is what guides you, and it shows in the caliber of your post.  Continuing to post content that has meaning to you is how you stay true to your gift.  Blog on, and be thankful that you have enough talent to do so.  Everyone is not so blessed.

Exploring Content

Understanding the quest to explore 

Exploring content is not always as easy as it looks.  Once you determine what your next post will be, it's all about making a connection.  Finding a piece of one puzzle and connecting that part to another.  That's how to explore content with a purpose.  The purpose is expansion.  Expansion will often open you up to new content, or it will allow you to build on what you have.  Starting in a direction of new content will expand your workspace so that means more material on your desk in your office that needs to be worked along with other projects that are already open.  Exploring content is not only important because it creates new material or connects existing material.  It's a vital aspect to understand in order to put creativity into perspective chronologically.  The final idea is that there is no time limit on creativity.  I'll prove it.  

Any product out on the market, it's never gone.  Even when supply depletes, it exist in someones memory.  Meaning someone is aware of it.  There isn't a date on that awareness.  That's the consumer standpoint.  When a consumer has made a connection with a brand their loyalty makes them want to maintain that bond.  They do so by buying and investing even as far as stocks in a company.  The creator (product innovator) never wants the idea of their brand or product to be out of your mind.  A publisher (blogger) recognizes the validity of that and offers reader's information.  There is no end date on keeping the public informed, and the choice to indulge or not lies with the consumer.  

In our blog, we try to ensure that we are living up to our purpose. Our mission statement is important to us and we take it very seriously, and that means that brand creators of all kinds are a part of that mission.  They're included!  We are in this together, and we are going to invade cyberspace like we believe it!  So sit back and buckle up your seat belts.  If we are going to fast for you, read this blog post again!  You will eventually get the picture.