The Queen was questioned by fellow Queen of the Talk, Wendy Williams who asked her about motherhood in a curious voice. She answered in her political beat around the bush voice. Here she is pictured in a green clingy dress along with Dolly Parton and Keke Palmer.

Queen Latifah - "Joyful Noise" World Premiere

(L-R Dolly Parton, Queen Latifah, Keke Palmer)

In this photo she does not look like a woman who has kids. That green makes her look heavenly, angelic and pure as white snow. All she needs to finish that look off is brides maids doing her hair, a wedding dress on a wardrobe rack, and a husband waiting for here hand at the altar. Laughing yet? Okay so she isn't what you'd picture in your head as the virgin in white getting married for the first time, but she is united with the cast and showing her talent in her new movie Joyful Noise. Queen Latifah plays a charismatic choir director with lots of attitude. Watch the Trailer to see how this group of diverse actresses brings to life a movie full of lessons. Being that virgin of yesterday will not make here any more talented than she already is, so try to see her as that hilarious superstar that is always Bringing Down The House on the big screen. Break a leg Queen!

Photo Credit: Bauer Griffin