Are you down? For what is a question some of you may be asking yourself at this very moment. Well that is a valid question worth exploring, and the answer to it rest totally with you. What does being down mean to you? There many ways to be down and the definition can even change just as the people involved and the circumstances can. The idea that our inquisitive nature has the power to stir up a dialogue that is reflective of our culture creates an excitement that creatives everywhere can appreciate. The excitement we share with language takes on a whole new meaning when we think about the lyrics in music and it is the complication with verse in Rap dialogue and a need to find meaning in the words of this generations Rappers that has inspired a website called Rap Genius. Although, it has only been around a few years, the analytic experts are breaking the meaning(s) down and giving you a listen into the creations of some of today's finest artist. Rap decoded. How wonderful is that?

Tom Lehman, one of the founders of Rap Geniusbelieves that many music lovers are only interested in hearing the beat and hook of most songs, but he also wants to make sure that everyone understands the overall mission of the site. Critiquing Rap as poetry is the ultimate goal; even when explanations get heavy like Michael Eric Dyson, contributors try to steer clear of what has been termed nerdspeak. More than decoding lyrics, Rap provides an opportunity for listeners to determine what lyrics mean to them personally. Giving clear thought and approaching song lyrics with an open mind of exploration means really understanding that for each of us the meaning will likely be different. That's what really makes Rap beautiful. More and more Rap is becoming the topic of intellectual discussions, proving curriculum is truly reflective of the times. This is a unique culture that has shown itself to be more open to the idea of Rapping being a valid professional career choice. It's the livelihood of many self educated young black males and females who have grown up in urban areas and learned to make their street smarts work in Corporate America and Abroad.

The Rap Profession has helped to move poor families up the social ladder into what some call an elite class. Success stories are growing, even amid the backlash and the criticism of some of Rap's toughest critics. Just a phase is how some critics described the Rap Game early on, since a lot of checks have cleared and the true fruitful nature of Rap has been realized, critics are singing a different tune, as many of them raise their brows and stare at their degrees hanging on the wall. Mahbod Moghadam and IIan Zechory are the other two founders who are also given credit for the suites success. Moghadam actually graduated from Stanford Law School. It's very nice to see well educated minds involved in Rap's rich culture. Rap Genius has everything fans need to stay current! Interviews, music, verified artist, and true community. The meanings pop out at you, so you are never endlessly searching. It is really about sharing your skills and doing what you love.