Brevard Community College is one of the best colleges in Central Florida. Students seeking undergraduate degrees or those who plan to continue on to a four year university have an opportunity to gain knowledge that will prepare them for real life experiences. Their reputation to turn out graduates that are equipped to compete in life and the workforce comes in large part from the thorough curriculum and diversity on campus. Campus life at Brevard Community College encourages success. One of our own here at Abornewords was recognized during an annual ceremony recently. Professors, faculty, staff, and students who are making a difference on campus were honored and presented with awards. Here are some pictures from the event.

Rodell C. Phillips and Mrs. Sachi


Other Honorees Along Side RC Phillips

The Crowd

More Attendees

The Presenter 

The Food

A Close Up

A Walk To The Pavilion 

An Emotional Attendee

Building Directional Zoom

On Campus Trophy Case

A Close Up Of Rodell's Award 



I couldn't help it! My journalist instinct kicked in and I just snapped away. To say that I am so proud would be an understatement. I'm overwhelmed with all the joy that goes along with achieving something and then being recognized by others as outstanding. What an honor and a blessing for a young person on the right track. Congratulations Mr. RC Phillips and we look forward to following your path of success. The Sunshine State has never felt so bright. You are wonderful. Keep up the good work.