Heaven is where we all dream of going, some of us not really knowing how we will ever make it, if we don't manage to change. While we try to get it right in this life, we can just listen to the heavenly voice of Rebecca Ferguson. The tunes serve up the promises of love and the hurt of heartbreak without accepting the material as the comfort to replace love. The track that introduces the album is called "Nothing Real But Love" She received a nod of approval from the toughest critic to ever judge a modern day competition, Simon Cowell, when she appeared on X-Factor. Making it all the way to runner up status, she shined. Here's the girl with the voice of many.

Rebecca Ferguson

You can feel the soul of Adele and rattle of Cee Lo Green mix with Rebecca Ferguson's only girl lure, to make you love how "Glitter & Gold" (track #2) comes to life. The ups and downs of the battles we face in love and brace ourselves in resistance to is what makes "Shoulder to Shoulder" that song. For the fantasy of, the life you wish you had with the one that makes you feel like a princess in a fairytale, mind and body, the tough skin of the single life will make you feel involved with "Fairytale (Let Me Live My Life This Way)" (tarck #4). The day dreaming does not have to end with "Mr Bright Eyes" (track #5) even with a little love from that guy, you can move on to that back in the day given on "Fighting Suspicions" (track #6) the feel of that gangster lean, all wrapped up in the hugs and kisses of your dude. It's an at the party, against the wall type track. You gotta hear this girls soul. Next is the uncertainty that comes with unstable love and a ton of gifts, as you wonder, will he be around tomorrow? How do you hurt and love when you wake up to face today? "Teach Me How To Be Loved" is for women who take chances with love, not knowing if they will lose a part of themselves. (Track #7) won't disappoint.

Then, when you want to get away from it all, and you are not worried but truly know it's all about you, "Run Free" will let you go to find yourself happy. Aretha Franklin could not have done it better, as she begged for R.E.S.P.E.C.T. "Diamond to Stone" (track#9) is that longing to look in the eyes of the one you love, despite deception. If you bleed love, "Too Good To Lose" (track #10) is how you let that one know, you are there in the dark or at least that you are willing to show up. Want more? Backtrack everybody 1-10 or A-Z; It's me! A new star is born.