Beauty tools, beauty products, fashion, celebrities and of course tons of other useful products and services is what we are planning to bring you this year in 2012. Today we want to talk to you about a product that we had been dying to feature but we procrastinated a bit just because we were preoccupied. Now though, at least one member of our team got us on track with what's hot. She has actually been using this amazing product for a few weeks, so we will share her words with you. "The Rimmel Fix & PerFect Primer is what every woman should start their make up routine with after a face wash".


A primer can have that affect on a person, especially if applying only foundation is what the bulk of your make up routine has been. Besides preparing the skin for a smooth and easy application process, primers help to minimize pores and soften the skins surface. Rimmel's Fix & Perfect also promises to "even out your complexion, and prolong the wear of your foundation". After hearing so many great things about this product, I couldn't help but try it. It works like magic. I'm familiar with the results of a few primers that shall remain nameless, but I will tell you that Rimmel Fix & Perfect is now our new favorite primer at Abornewords. Yeah for Rimmel lovers everywhere! The best thing about this primer is that the texture is very light and extremely blendable. It's not heavy or thick at all, so you don't have to worry about it changing the appearance of your favorite foundation very much. Even if you only decide to wear a bronzer over Rimmel's Fix & Perfect Primer, the final finish will absolutely surprise you. Find it at for an unbelievable price.