Kate Moss partied it up with lots of celebs on the scene in London, England to celebrate (compliments of Rimmel) a ten year partnership with the Rimmel Brand. It was a bash that made way for more on the introduction of the Kate Moss Rimmel Lasting finish Lipstick Collection.

LONDON, ENGLAND - ... Rimmel celebrates its 10 year partnership with original London girl Kate Moss, who today launches her personally designed lipstick range for the brand "Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick Collection" at Claridges Hotel ....2011 in London, England. Kate wears shade No.1 from her collection. (Photo by Dave M. Benett/Getty Images for Rimmel) *** Local Caption *** Kate Moss

Like red, pink and mauve's have a tendency to scare off girls with darker skin. After trying a few shades from the Rimmel Lasting Lipstick Line, I discovered a few colors in the pink and mauve family that work well for me. Take a look at me wearing the color Stylish.

Rimmel's Stylish Shade 


Stylish does not disappoint. My own natural lip color mixes with the shade to provide a neutral matte finish that appears undone and moisturized to the max. I love the look. My smooth, soft, mildly pink puckers really turned out to be more than I had bargained for. Here is a swatch of the shade.


The True Vintage is so deep that I could not resist buying this color. It's like a cross between a berry and hot pink. To my surprise it is way to light for a burgundy. In a few words, super girly and glamorous. Check it out the models lips.

Rimmel's True Vintage Shade


Here's a swatch of the True Vintage:

Rimmel's True Vintage Shade

Finally, the Dare will certainly amaze you because it seems to contain a hint of coral combined with a pink.  This is what you get!   Take a look!



Wearing this color reminds me of hot pink with a twist. A color that is spicy with a bit of coral to provide the edge you need to make it to the verge of lip hot. Here is a swatch of the Dare to entice your lip indulgence. Get your shade to sizzle ladies.

Rimmel's Dare Shade


Three Shades of Nice

The Rimmel Lasting Lip Colors are good choices, if you want to add new colors to your collection.  The smell of these will get you hooked.